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Interview with BeatByBros

Interview with BeatByBros

Johan Malmgren

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a 22 year old Swedish guy living in Helsingborg, which is a wonderful little summer town in the southern part of Sweden. I first began producing electronic dance music between the ages of 12-13. In 2009 I released my first track on Ferry Corsten’s imprint, Flashover Recordings.

How did you become interested in Electronic Dance Music?

I was introduced to electronic dance music early in my life. I actually remember I got a dance compilation CD with tracks from 2 Unlimited and artists alike. After that I was a bit obsessed I think. Sash, Lasgo, Ian Van Dahl, Alice DeeJay and many more, all got me interested in dance music when I was like 10-13 years old. In my earlier teens I listened a lot to MK-S, Rapid Eye, Ronski Speed, Pulser, Ferry Corsten and The Thrillseekers to name a few.

Tell us about your music style.

I see myself as an open-minded producer with influences from many different genres and styles. I like to listen to all kind of music really, as long as it’s exciting and it brings something good. Bits and pieces are then taken into my own music which ultimately defines my own music style. On a more concrete level I like to experiment with pauses and details, big leads and exciting basslines.

On average, how long would it take for you to complete an original track from start to finish? What about a remix?

A original track can take everything from a few days to months, or even years. That process normally differs quite a lot, at least for me. Taking a track idea into a finished track is often pretty tough, considering that it needs to be as good as it gets at that given time. It’s probably my own expectations that make it take a long time, really.
A remix is normally easier considering that you’re given a set of finished ideas to use instantly. I’d say a remix shouldn’t take much longer than 3-4 weeks, which is the normal deadline I’m on when working on a remix.

Do you have any plans to DJ in the future?

Yes, I have. I can’t tell any details of my first gig yet, but I do think it would be a great compliment to what I’m doing at the moment.

What producer would you like to collaborate with most?

I’d probably say Mat Zo thanks because of his great producing techniques, and also as a song writer. ‘Nuclear Fusion’, ‘Near the End’, ‘Rush’ and many more have completely blown me away. I would like to mention Ferry Corsten here as well. He has been an important influence on me ever since I started listening to trance. ‘Rock Your Body, Rock’, ‘Kyoto’, ‘Beautiful’ and many of his remixes (for instance of Apoptygma Berzerk – ‘Kathy’s Song’, Aven – ‘All I Wanna Do’ and Tiësto feat. Jónsi – ‘Kaleidoscope’) definitely made an impact on me.

What can we expect from you in 2012?

I’ve got an instrumental remix for American producer, Audien (Enhanced Recordings), another remix for Max Graham feat. Susana (Re*Brand/Armada Music), and lastly a remix of a new upcoming vocal single from Mike Shiver (Captured Music). I’m doing a new version of my The Last Time remix of The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher that will be on The Thrillseekers album coming this year (Adjusted Music). Furthermore, i have a collaboration with my good friend Sebastian Brandt (Armada Music), that we hopefully will be done with this spring. I also have new exciting original material coming up. 2012 here we go!

In an interview with findremix.com back in May of 2011, I read that you actually stopped listening to EDM for about 3 years to play drums and guitar in a rock band. What ultimately made you decide to come back to trance?

I think music is one of those things we grasp and put into different places within our lives. I won’t forget the tracks that affected me so immensely during the years. I can think of ‘Out of the Blue’ or ‘Sublime’ at any given time, knowing the exact chord progression and notes in my head. Change is a good thing, and trying new things is a good thing too. I’ve done that a bit already and done well i think. I produce trance, rather than play drums or guitar in a rock band, at least for now.

Last question, how do Swedish girls compare to the rest of the world?

Can’t say anything else that we Swedes are spoilt. I’m still amazed at the amount of beautiful girls in Sweden really. It’s crazy.

Thank you so much for your time, Johan!